Photos & Presenters: Ranch Readiness Day 2018

Thank You to our Ranch Readiness Day Presenters

We are honored to have so many educators who are nationally recognized leaders in their respective fields. All share the common bond of their love and respect for animals.

Rebecca McConnico, DVM, PhD, Professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Director, Partnership Training and Response Program, Equine Branch Manager, LSART, Lousianna Tech Disaster Training Program
"Challenges and Best Practices in Developing Volunteer Capability"

When Hurricanes Katrina and Rita ravaged the Southern Mississippi and Louisiana coastlines and surrounding areas, LSU SVM and LSART were well positioned to help and are now a go-to source nationally for animal response. Hear inside stories and lessons learned from this nationally recognized preparedness leader and teacher.

John Madigan, DVM
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

"Fur, Feathers & Fins: No Animal Left Behind"

Guillaume Hoareau, DVM
"Caring for K-9 Partners in Disasters & in the Field"
Managing health during high-stress conditions

Kathe Anderson, Becky Shapley
"The Last Responders: Rescuing & Reuniting Cats & People"

Sonoma Valley Animal Emergency Response Team
& Large Animal Rescue Company

Demonstrations: HelpingHorses When They're Down.
Extracting a down horse from a trailer accident scene.

Cecilie Siegel and Conan the Ag Detection Dog
"Working Dogs in Action"

Robert Eversole, Tailmeister
"The straight scoop for horse and mule riders looking for new places to ride and camp"

Fred Frey, Vintage Tree Service
Tree Safety at Home and on the Ranch"

Chaz Peling - Sol Solutions
"Power for Everyday and Every Emergency"

Photos from RRD 2018

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